The SEMCO Group is a pioneer in reduced pressure processing applied to photovoltaic solar cell mass-manufacturing and owns all the main patents related to this technology.

The company started offering the current standards years ago at a time when high-efficiency PV and mass-production were still abstractions. By applying proprietary principles worked out and validated by the company in the semiconductor industry, the SEMCO Group paved the way for today's requirements of cell manufacturers in the PV market. Thus, SEMCO Group is continuously innovating to meet customer demand, focusing on improvement in Phosphorus & Boron emitter diffusion, thermal SiOx & AlOx growth and SiNx deposition. Our business unit, SEMCO Group PVE delivers cost-effective solutions that increase solar cell performance, optimize line throughput and lower operating expenses.

Our solutions at a glance

  • Reduced-pressure diffusion batch-type tube furnace, using POCl3 or BCl3
    Applications also include anneal, nitrides, oxynitrides, Poly Silicon and TEOS.
  • Reduced-pressure oxidation batch-type tube furnace, in wet (DI water) or dry (H2) configuration
  • Direct PECVD batch-type tube furnace for SiNx & AlOx depositions, passivation and PDA
  • Plasma Etch batch-type tube furnace for single-sided c-Si texturization and polishing
  • Vertically-integrated PV manufacturing lines from wafers to modules
  • Training of customer staff in the operation of production systems
  • Consumables and spare parts required for the 24/7 operation of production systems
  • Optimization of processes and production stages
  • Maintenance services, including upgrading and refurbishment of equipment.